Poster: 2013 Grootboom

I designed a poster and flyer for the 2013 Irene Grootboom Memorial Dialogues. Every year a series of talks and discussions is held in Cape Town around an important socio-political topic. The 2013 event was called "Beyond High Walls and Broken Windows - Safety and Security in a Divided City. The event was organised by the Social Justice Campaign and the African Centre for Cities.

The design was inspired by the bold colours and angled typography of Russian constructivism. I also drew from the New York and Cleveland public housing posters of the 1930's, with their simple graphics, limited palette and modern typography.

The poster and flyer were combined into one folded A2 sheet with the poster on one side and the flyer on the other. The fold lines were incorporated into the design of the flyer.

Two colour lithography was used for the printing process.

poster folding diagram
grootboom poster
back of grootboom poster