Plett development framework

While working at Bonadei Architects, I assisted with the design of the regional redevelopment framework for the Plettenberg Bay region and the Bitou Municipality. This prominent, South African coastal city has boomed during the last five years. Its expansion has been haphazard and un-planned. Conceptworks, the urban planning division of Bonadei Architects, was asked to develop designs for the broad, urban expansion of Plettenberg Bay. The proposal focused on various precincts that could be developed or upgraded in phases.

Phase one, the urban renewal of the high street, was completed in early 2008. (This phase is described in more detail in another project page on this website). It involved the resurfacing of the road and extensive landscaping. A promenade, new public areas and planters were created through the careful consolidation of levels.

For the broad framework design I produced extensive visuals for concept development, marketing and presentation.

Other precincts are in various stages of execution, from the broad conceptual to imminent construction. They include:

- A large precinct to house local government and judicial headquarters. (4.7 Ha)
- Anchor Place shopping and hotel precinct in the lower CBD (2.1 Ha)
- Marine Way housing precinct. (3.8 Ha)
- The Bossiesgif municipal headquarters.
- The Kwano City industrial park. (17.6 Ha)
- The Kwano City mall. (14.4 Ha)
- The Plett beach-front precinct.

Other members of the team included Mario Bonadei and Lorenzo Nassimbeni.
Design © copyright Bonadei Conceptworks.