Annual Report: SJC

This job was commissioned by the Social Justice Coalition and involved the design, layout and print coordination of two annual reports (2015 and 2016).

They were printed on a litho press in two colours on uncoated paper.

The design incorporated bold typography, large areas of solid colour and detailed map and data graphics. The combination of "struggle era" graphics and simple uncoated printing made for a great product that was in keeping with the SJC's programme.

scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_02th   scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_03th
scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_04th   scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_05th
scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_12th   scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_11th
scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_08th   scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_10th
scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_06th   scarletstudio_sjc_annualreport_09th